Development & Trading is focused on the most critical issues of the customer’s needs and demands. Simultaneously, the company takes into account the client’s philosophy and any possible restrictions.

D & T’s goals are the following:

• Providing ideas and solutions so as to reduce company costs.

• Managing and avoiding potential risks.

• Offering up to date information and expertise due to D & T’s deep knowledge of the market.

• Optimizing working procedures, so as to work in a more intelligent and responsive way.

D & T’s business consulting services include:

  • Financial Planning
  • Business Plans development and management
  • Research programmes
  • Energy efficiency programmes
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market research and report
  • Evaluating financial investment opportunities
  • Agricultural restructuring programmes
  • Areas of special interest programmes
  • EU programmes
  • Educational and skills programmes
  • European Community initiatives
  • Seminars
  • Quality assurance and management
  • Environmental management
  • Security and hygiene management

Moreover, D & T is also active in the food sector. Until today, the company has managed to build an efficient network of selected partners and to gain deep knowledge of the market thus having the flexibility to track the lowest prices and at the same time to maintain the reliability of its products and services. The main categories of products the company trades, among others, are the following:

  • Fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables.
  • Concentrated fruit juice in aseptic packaging.
  • Olive oil and vegetable or animal oils.
  • Promotional services and representation of commercial and productive businesses.
  • Medicinal – Herbal plants and essential oils.
  • Technical support in the food industry.
  • Development of new technologies – innovations.
  • Consulting support for carrying out business plans and entering subsidy programs.